Friday, November 27, 2009

WWW Spotlight- NASA kids!

Those of you with kids........ CHECK THIS OUT!
super fun

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Free Redbox Codes

CLICK HERE     for the codes
Thanks Fabulessy Frugal!

Monday, November 23, 2009

SPOTLIGHT: FREE Mom blogger E-course

Here is a link to a FREE blogger E-course that STARTS TODAY! The first few lessons will be basic stuff that anyone with a blog will already know but it will eventually progress into more advanced topics.

It will be simple and easy to understand. 1 "lesson" a week delivered to your inbox

Visit her site..... HERE  or There----->

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Coupon Favorites

I've had several people ask about my favorite coupon sites and how I coupon-shop. I am by no means a pro couponer but I AM a pro at frugal shopping/living so when I was introduced to the oh so wonderful coupon world it was love at first buy. So... without further ado,

1. Get the coupons
               a. Sunday papers
                     i. General rule of thumb is 1 sunday paper for every 1 person in your household. Your local paper usually have a bargain for getting multiple sunday papers. You can also just buy them at gas stations and such but the coupons are not always guaranteed to be in there thanks to "coupon thieves" as I like to call them.
But when you are buying 5-6 + papers a week x 4 a month it's usually cheaper to get a subscription. Call your local paper for deals.
               b. Printables (found via grocery smarts and other sites like the ones listed above)
               c. Peelies- found on or inside the box

2. Organize coupons
             Idea 1
             Idea 2 
             Idea 3
             Idea 4
3. Combine coupons with sales and... SHOP! This is where Grocerysmarts and all those other lovely sites (i've listed my fav's below) comes in.

Here is a video explaining coupon shopping.
NOTE* when she talks about the "catalina" adds substitute "Albertsons". Our local Albertsons does the same thing.

So basically in a tiny nut-shell--- You save your coupons until that item goes on sale.. You check the sales from grocerysmarts and all those other lovely sites/blogs... then you make a shopping list BASED on those sales... take them to the grocery store, shop, and then hand the cashier a lovely stack of coupons and watch your total go from $$$ to  $. It's that easy!!! (not really, I spend hours planning but we save so much it really is like a PT job)

   Coupon Lingo - What language are they speaking?!?! WYB, MIR, RR,....  and all those other tricky codes are deciphered here

Here are links to my favorite Coupon sites. I refer to these weekly/daily as THEY keep an eye on the sales so I don't have to!


And of course....    GROCERYSMARTS      which doesn't have a button. The PASSWORD to get in is g84rcm
This is my go-to site
Good luck and happy shopping!
Questions? Email me

Saturday, November 21, 2009


Figured it was about time for a family update.....
Big man is almost done with the semester and couldnt be happier
Little E is reading on a 1st grade level... she is such a go getter! She also has an infection on the bottom of her foot which we think she got from a sliver or perhaps tiny piece of glass that we never knew about. We didnt know about it til she started walking funny with her foot sideways and when I told her to show me her foot it was all sorts of disguisting! Ill spare you the gory details. anyway.. I'm curing it with my "hippy stuff"
(cleaning it with hydrogen peroxide, putting X-ceptic on which is an awesome antivirus/bacterial blend, frankensence oil, and then comfrey salve... 3-4 times a day) <---- for those of you who were curious
After only 3 days it is looking AMAZING!!! I just started keeping track with pictures today. it will be exciting to see the healing  progress as "proof" of all my hippy magic :)
Little H is in Joyschool, and yes that is different than preschool. If she could she would LIVE there. She LOVES it!!! she also cut her hair again, for the umpteenth time! someday i'll laugh about it i'm sure but for now it's just annoying
Little man is walking!! in fact, he has mastered that so now he has moved onto running everywhere he can and trying to spin in circles while laughing hysterically at himself. He is such a hoot to have around! And much to Big Man's delight... he LOVES starwars! everytime he sees anything starwars he gets all sorts of excited.
I am playing mom... same old same old. homeschooling, teaching, learning, crafting, NOT BEING PREGNANT OR NURSING!!! it's great!
looking forward to the holidays!! our tree is up... and has already tipped over once :) thanks to my little crew

Thursday, November 19, 2009


As most of you know... I homeschool my kids. I don't know if I always will, as there is a charter school in the area that I would LOVE for them to attend (and they are on the waiting list) but for now, and because my kids will NEVER attend public school... I homeschool.

I have a netfriend who has a great blog

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

dedicated to this and she has decided to put her Masters in Education Technology to good use by changing her blog into how to teach our kids in a technological way in our ever increasing techno world. She has and AMAZING knowledge on this subject and has tons of great ideas in store. Those of you who homeschool, are thinking about homeschooling, or those of you who realize that YOU are your child's greatest teacher no matter where they go to school should check out her site and USE her info in your FHE or even everyday life.

check out this video:

and download this for your kids to use as their browser.

IT IS AMAZING!!! to quote her:
"I love it because when they use the browser, they can't go clicking all over the internet and don't have access to my desktop. It also lets them find the websites they like without putting an address in the address bar. In fact, they can't access the address bar. You can block websites (I block nickjr/noggin because they have ads), add your own websites, and completely customize the browser based on what your kid needs. "
-Family friendly, kid safe. love it!-
I believe in old-fashioned things, crafts, living... but I don't believe in excluding technology from our list of ways to live/learn. I believe that knowing how to live/learn BOTH ways will produce the most well rounded, educated, and self proficient children (and selves) possible.

Wednesday, November 18, 2009


HOW DOES SHE.... Celebrate seasons? Cook and Bake? Coupon & Budget? Make it? Run a Family?

great NEW sight with TONS of cute ideas to inspire you in all walks of life.

Make sure you check out the Neighborhood Gift Idea section with a countdown of the top 30 gifts to give to nieghbors and friends. If you can't read the poem above on the pic it says:

Christmas is Jolley
Christmas is Sweet
I'm stressed out so.....
Make your own  darn treat!

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